Best Places to take your Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes in Perth

Best Places to take your Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes in Perth

Perth is setting the benchmark with innovative, custom scooter and bike tracks for kids. The below are just a few options for kids of all ages in Perth to get a great scooter or balance bike experience without being overrun by big crowds and older riders. Better yet, there is playground equipment, shelters and nice spots to enjoy the views for Mum and Dad. 

Wembley Sports Park 

Wembley sports track scooter park

Image Credit: Kids Around Perth 

Kids of all ages love Wembley Park with a built in scooter track surrounding a playground equipped with heaps of climbing features, trampolines and a flying fox. It is adjacent to large sports fields to then expel dome more energy with a game of soccer or just running around! 

Amberton Pirate Ship and Scooter Park 

The park and scooter track at Amberton Estate in Eglinton is another favourite amongst Perth locals. With a scooter rack made just for scooters with lots of gentle slopes and mounds ideal for scooters. 

Amberton scooter and balance bike track

Image credit: Kids Around Perth Facebook page 

Pitstop Playground, Banksia Grove 

Future racetrack riders get ready! The Pitstop Playground at Banksia Grove features a full scooter and balance bike, two way track that runs around the playground. Complete with road markings and twists and turns for scooter and balance bike riders to strut their stuff. There are even built-in chalkboards to record your quickest lap time. 

Pitstop Playground scooter and bike track

Image credit: Mums Grapevine 

Kings Park 

Kings Park is a definite family favourite! Spanning over 400 hectares, there are multiple spots to stop and enjoy everything this park has to offer. Choose from playgrounds, BBQ areas, a tree top walk, botanical gardens and lots of wildlife along the way. Bike hire is also available. 

Rendell Park, Koondoola 

Rendell Park in Koondoola is another great park with a custom scooter and balance bike pathway complete with road traffic signs. It sits amongst the Koondoola Regional Bushland so a nature walk after the park is another must-do. 

Rendell Park scooter track Perth

 Image credit: Kids Around Perth 

Are helmets compulsory when riding a bike or scooter?

Are helmets compulsory when riding a bike or scooter?

Mandatory Helmets - are they to stay?

Australia is one of the first countries to implement mandatory bicycle helmets. Research has shown that helmets reduce head injuries by up to 74% in motor vehicle crashes (Transport NSW) However, despite the research and their effectiveness in protecting our heads when riding, helmet laws continue to be a matter of debate in Australia. 

Research undertaken by the Bicycle Network, Australia's largest bike-riding organisation has found that 60% of cyclists believe they should be able to wear, or not wear a helmet when they ride. They believe the decision should be theirs and theirs alone. Not only that, they state that if given the choice, more people would ride a bike if helmets were not mandatory. Their research stated 30% of people would ride more often if helmets were not mandatory. 

The debate continues, but for now, helmets are here to stay. 

How to Know if Your Helmet is up to Scratch 

Australia has stringent helmet safety tests, and all helmets must display a sticker or label saying they have met these guidelines. You'll find a sticker stating they have met the Australian and New Zealand standard (AS/NZS 2063). It is illegal to sell a helmet in Australia that does not conform to AS/NZS 2063.  Be wary of this when choosing a helmet.

State by State 

Australian States have different bike riding regulations, from riding on footpaths, bike bells and more. Their stipulations and fines vary from Sate to State on some issues. However, the one rule that remains the same is in regards to bike helmets. It is stated that: 

Cyclists must wear a helmet at all times, unless you have medical, cultural, or religious reasons not to

The only diversion from this rule is in the Northern Territory. Their regulations state:

Cyclists under 17 must wear a helmet at all times
Cyclists over 17 are only required to wear a helmet when riding on the roads but are not required on footpaths


For now, mandatory helmets are here to stay.  Time will tell if the mandatory helmets regulations are reviewed or not. But for now, wear your helmet or cop a hefty fine. 

The Difference in Steering Between a Two and Three Wheel Scooter

The Difference in Steering Between a Two and Three Wheel Scooter

There are a few things to consider when it comes to the decision on whether to purchase a two or three wheel scooter. Unlike bikes whereby training wheels are used as a learning tool, three wheel scooters offer a completely different riding experience to a two wheel scooter. A three wheel scooter is not simply a training tool prior to moving up to a two wheel scooter. They offer a very different and unique scooting experience of their own. 

Understanding the way that a three wheel and a two wheel scooter steers is important when deciding which scooter will best suit your child. It will also help in your understanding in the way in which they scoot, as the steering mechanisms are very different.

The Steering Mechanism of a Two Wheel Scooter 

The two wheel scooter is great for kids who have developed their confidence and balance on a scooter. With a two wheel scooter, you turn the handles in the desired direction you wish to go.

The steering mechanism of a two wheel scooter is much like that of a bike. So if your child has learned to ride a bike, then the steering mechanism of a two wheel scooter will be familiar.

An important factor to remember with a two wheel scooter is learning to adapt to the steering mechanism correctly and confidently. If the wheels are turned too sharply on a two wheel scooter, it will result in a very quick turn, or even in the scooter falling over. This can be particularly dangerous for young kids who may not have yet perfected the turn of a two wheeler, especially when travelling downhill at speed. If a child panics, they tend to naturally turn the wheels sharply and fall. So it is essential to ensure your child is old enough, and skilled, to manage the turn mechanism.  

The Steering Mechanism of a Three Wheel Scooter 

The three wheel scooters are self-standing scooters with a lean-to-steer mechanism which delivers a fairly dynamic scooter steering experience. It is relatively easy to pick up a three wheel scooter and ride, however with practice, the three wheel scooter can offer a rather intricate and dynamic ride.  

The lean-to-steer allows children to lean in the direction they wish to turn and the scooter's wheels will turn in that direction. It helps to develop coordination and confidence before they advance to tighter and faster turns and carves. The three wheel scooter has been likened to snowboarding, surfing and skating in the similar way you lean your body weight to turn. 

So there you have it. A quick and simple guide to the difference between how to steer a two and three wheel scooter. With a little practice and confidence, your child will pick up their newfound skill quickly and you won't be able to stop them. 

Safety Gear for Balance Bikes and Scooters

Safety Gear for Balance Bikes and Scooters

Taking falls and tumbles from bikes and scooters is all part of learning. There are bound to be some accidents along the way, scraped knees and elbows and a few bruises. It is important to know how to keep your kids safe when learning to ride, and continuing to ride their balance bikes and scooters. There are 3 main items to tick off your list:

  1. The right safety gear
  2. Lessons
  3. Riding in appropriate locations

Choosing the Right Safety Gear for Balance Bikes and Scooters 


Safety Standards

There are minimum safety standards when it comes to helmets. Look for the Australian standards label to ensure it is compliant with the Australian/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 2063:2008. If not, leave it behind and find one that is. A good helmet ensures that your child's head is protected from falls and any impacts. 

The Right Fit

When fitting your child's helmet, be sure to take them with you to ensure the correct fit. Try and push the helmet front, back and sideways to see if it moves. If there is too much movement once the straps are fastened, then the helmet is too big. A snug fit is best where the helmet won't move around. 

Buy New Where Possible

Always opt for a new helmet, not a secondhand one. You never know if it has been involved in any previous accidents and therefore the condition is compromised. If you have an accident or impact with your existing helmet, always replace it for a new one. 

Elbow and knee pads 

The main consideration for elbow and knee pads is to buy good quality ones that are the right size and fit for your child. Good quality pads will enable free movement and won't constrict them or be uncomfortable. 


Once your child is set with the right safety gear, the next step is to teach them in a suitable environment. Head somewhere quiet like a cul-de-sac or low key park for the littlies to start learning. Try and find a level surface free from bumps and that doesn't have too much incline. Starting on grass is always a good option as it provides a soft landing place for falls. 

Road Safety 

Once your child has learned their new found skill, be sure to instil the road safety rules. Teach them the basic road rules so you can be confident they can cross roads when required. 

Be a Good Role Model 

It is all very well to teach our kids about bike and scooter safety, but remember, they learn from what they see. Be a good role model to your kids and wear your own safety gear hen heading off for family rides and scoots. Practice what you preach! 

Best Places to take your Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes in Brisbane

Best Places to take your Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes in Brisbane

The heat in those summer days is starting to taper off - which means lots of time to scooter and balance bike ride around the numerous parks and tracks that Brisbane has to offer. So if you are looking to get the kids active this weekend, here's our top 5 places to scooter and balance bike ride in Brisbane. Remember, these recommendations are nice long tracks so perhaps Mum and Dad could also jump on their bikes or scooters for a complete family adventure! 

Red Hill to Newmarket

Woolcock park Brisbane

The Red Hill to Newmarket track is a lovely and shady track that winds for around 7km from Woolcock Park through to the Banks Street Reserve in Newmarket. For those who want to burn some extra energy, there is a small bike trail area about half way along. Great for the little ones as it is mostly traffic free except for one small section which is a nice quiet side road. 

Photo Credit:

Wynnum Foreshore to Manly

Wynnum Beach kids pool

The Wynnum foreshore track starts from Oyster Point in Wynnum and winds through around 10 kilometres of track all the way through to the Manly Marina. Whatever end you start or finish at, a highlight is the Wynnum water park with heaps of fun activities for the kids. Along the way you'll find lots of BBQ spots and playgrounds for a rest or bite to eat. 

Photo Credit:

South Bank 

Southbank kids scooter track

South Bank is a winner for everyone. Packed with lots of beautiful and scenic spots to stop as you scooter along the riverside path. Finish your scooter or bike ride with a dip in the man-made beach with ice cream, coffee and treats nearby - a winner for everyone. 

Photo credit:

Redcliffe Peninsula 

Redcliffe Foreshore Kids Bike and Scooter paths

Brisbane's north offers an extensive offering of amazing bike trails along the nearly 40km foreshore. Some sections are more child-friendly than others but with a little exploring you'll find the spots that suit your rider levels the best. 

Photo credit:

For the Littlies - Perrin Park, Toowong 

Perrin Park Brisbane

Perrin Park in Toowong is perfect for both big and little kids alike. The little ones can practice their new skills and cruise around the figure 8 track that surrounds the playground. The bigger kids can then master the bigger track that surrounds the entire park. Once everyone is tired out they can enjoy a play in the playground. 

Photo Credit:

So get out and get active with the kids around Brisbane and make a day of it.

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Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Easter

Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Easter

Creating a Happy and Healthy Easter with your Kids

Easter is without fail a time to indulge. Trying to resist those Easter Eggs and bunnies wrapped in brightly covered foil can be an often futile task for parents. The key to ensuring your kids stay fit and healthy this Easter is to do everything in moderation. 

Don't Overdo It! 

Now we don't want to be the equivalent of the Easter Bunny Scrooge but it is easy to get carried away with buying our kids copious amounts of chocolate at Easter time. In our house, a fair proportion of the Easter haul ends up being given away to others or secretly stashed in the garbage bin. The benefit of limiting the chocolate is also limiting the major sugar crash that will invariably come with it. 

Get Outside 

There is no better way to wear off that vast intake of sugar than to get outside and get active! Get the kids on their bikes and kids scooters and get moving. The fresh air and physical activity will be a nice antidote to the high sugar and fat content in those delicious bunnies. 

Even it Out 

Sure thing, go nuts with the chocolate at Easter. It is the day of the year that chocolate for breakfast really is OK. But counteract it with healthy meals throughout the day. Throw in some veggie sticks with hummus, some good protein like eggs or chicken wraps and lots of water! 

Above all, enjoy the special time with your family. Easter is a time for families to come together and celebrate being together. 

Buying your child their first Skateboard

Buying your child their first Skateboard

A First-Timers Guide to Buying a Kids Skateboard

Got a skater on your hands? Looking to buy your first kids' skateboard but not sure where to start? For those that are new to skateboarding and need some pointers, we've got you covered. 

Skateboard Components 

Before we get started, let's look at what makes up a skateboard. 

  1. The deck - this is what you stand on
  2. The trucks - the metal that connects the deck to the wheels 
  3. The wheels - well, they speak for themselves. 

When looking to buy your first skateboard, generally you will purchase one that is already assembled. Once your child masters skateboarding and is looking to upgrade, then you are more likely to start looking at separate components to build a custom-made board. But for now, let's look at the all-in-one kids skateboards. 

Always Buy Quality 

One of the main considerations is to ensure to buy a quality skateboard, as opposed to a cheap version sold at cheap chain stores. Even if your child is just starting out, buying a cheap skateboard is one of the worst things you can do. The wheels won't spin as efficiently as they should and they are made out of cheap materials that will wear and break easily. It is a sure-fire way to turn your child off skateboarding for good. 

The Complete all-in-one package

Our Kids skateboard with light-up wheels offers a lightweight yet durable design with a non-slip deck, aluminium trucks and polyurethane wheels. They are constructed from all quality components as opposed to cheap plastic, ply and metal parts that cannot withstand much activity and child wear and tear.

Always Remember Safety First

Always ensure to invest in a good quality helmet, knee and elbow pads. They are an essential addition to any new skateboard purchase.

Above all, ensure they have fun and enjoy their new hobby! It can be a skill for life. 

Top 5 Scooter Safety Tips

Top 5 Scooter Safety Tips

So you've bitten the bullet and the kids have their very first scooter. Hooray! Whether you are a first-time scooter parent or an old hand scooter pro, it is never too late to refresh your scooter safety tips. As we all want our kids scooting safely as well as heaving heaps of fun.

So before your child sets out, check our our Top 5 Scooter Safety Tips to ensure they are ready and rearing to go.  

  1. Ensure Your Set Up is Correct
    Whether you have a two wheel scooter or a three wheel scooter, ensure the height of the handlebars is correct and the locking mechanism is secure and won't collapse mid-scoot. 

  2.  Wear Your Helmet
    It doesn't matter whether you are playing out on the driveway, on a dedicated pathway or scooting around the city, helmets are mandatory! Kids can pick up a good level of speed once they become confident on their scooter. The last thing you want is your child hitting a ditch in the road or a stray rock and taking a fall without a helmet on. It is just not worth the risk! 

  3. Invest in Good Knee and Elbow Pads
    Kids' knees and elbows can take a good beating when learning to scoot! Then for those who are advancing and trying out their new tricks, falls continue to happen. It's all part and parcel of learning a new skill. So keep those limbs protected with some quality knee and elbow pads. Good quality sets will be more comfortable for your child to wear and will offer more protection. 

  4. Maintain your Scooter
    Brakes do wear down and the odd bolt works itself loose the more your scooter is loved and used. Check your scooter every now and then to make sure the brakes are still effective Check the bolts to make sure they're tight, especially the ones on the wheels.  If need be, replace worn parts or tighten loose bolts. 

  5. Know the Road Rules and Watch for Traffic
    Even if you are a fan of heading to dedicated park pathways and scooter tracks, always ensure your children are aware of the road rules. There will undoubtedly be times where they will need to cross a traffic area.  Watch for cars exiting driveways. Knowing where the traffic is coming from and going to, and who gets right of way when, is an important lesson. 

Not too hard right? Stick to these scooter safety tips and keep your kids safe and scooter-ready. 


Top 5 Places to take your Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes in Melbourne

Top 5 Places to take your Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes in Melbourne

Looking for the best scooter and balance bike locations in Melbourne? Whether you are a Melbourne local or heading there on a family holiday, we've got our top 5 parks and tracks for a day of scooter and balance bike riding fun!

The good news is, in Melbourne you are indeed spoiled for choice. 

1. The Royal Botanic Gardens 

Image credit: Travelux Blog

The Royal Botanic Gardens offers not only a variety of awesome scooter and bike tracks for all ages but a host of other activities to make a whole day of fun. Tracks range from easy sections for the smaller kids to bigger tracks throughout the themed gardens. Take a picnic and enjoy a whole day out with the family.

2. Jells Park, Wheelers Hill 

Image Credit: Parks Victoria

Jells Park is nestled away in the Dandenong Valley in Wheelers Hill, giving you a real sense of being away from the hustle and bustle of city life. Choose from over 9km of paths and trails to explore and delight in scooting and biking around the wetlands and billabongs, taking in all the resident wildlife on your way.

3. Ruffey Lake Park, Manningham

Image Credit: Manningham City Council

Set around the Ruffey Lake, Ruffey Lake Park is a favourite among local families. Packed with beautiful walking paths and complemented by fun playgrounds and open spaces for family BBQs. An added bonus you can also take your dog along with you - everyone is happy! 

4. All Nations Park, Northcote 

Image credit: Weekend Notes

All Nations Park on Separation Street in Northcote offer 13 hectares of space and stunning skyline views from the peak of the park. Along your ride, enjoy the array of unique features including the Hilltop, the Olive Grove, Indigenous gardens and skate park and playgrounds.  

5. Maribyrnong River Trail Loop 

Image Credit: Walking Melbourne

At 4.2km, this track that loops around the Maribyrnong River is one to work up to in order to complete the entire loop! Concreted for this portion of the trail, the loop is a popular spot so does get busy on weekends. 

No matter where your adventure takes you, grab your bike or scooter of choice, all the safety gear and get to it! 

What to Look for When Buying your First Kids Scooter

What to Look for When Buying your First Kids Scooter
Just like riding a bike, buying your child’s first three wheel scooter is a rite of passage. It’s exciting stuff, both for your child and for yourself as a parent, watching your child learn a new skill. 

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