Best Places to Take Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes on the Gold Coast

Best Places to Take Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes on the Gold Coast

Article updated 04/06/2021

The Gold Coast is the home of sun, surf and sea - which are the perfect backdrop for some amazing scooter and balance bike tracks for kids! So, we’ve compiled our 8 favourite Gold Coast scooter and bike trails for you.

Many of these have the added benefit of seaside views, ocean breezes and even the convenience of some epic after-ride treats.

1. Northshore Park, Varsity Lakes 

Northshore Park Varsity Lakes scooter bike tracks

Ideal for: beginner riders

The learn to ride bike track at Northshore Park is perfect for toddlers learning to ride their scooters and balance bikes. The mini traffic system at the park includes zebra crossings and even traffic lights! This makes for a safe and fun way for your kids to start learning about road safety.

The park is positioned away from real traffic and has very flat, wide paths for ease of use.

There’s also a little playground and you could even extend your time here by walking over to Lake Orr.

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2. Outlook Park, Ormeau Hills

Outlook Park Ormeau Hills scooter racing track

Ideal for: beginner riders and older siblings

This fantastic and reasonably new addition to Ormeau opened in 2018. It has a toddler park and is conveniently located for northern Gold Coast residents and even southern Brisbane residents too.

Of course, what we’re really here for are the 2 racing tracks, so your little ones can zoom around on their scooters and balance bikes. There are straights and there are turns so they can do as many laps as their hearts desire (and their little legs can carry them!).

There is seating for adults and grassy areas for the kids to hang out.

Please note that this is a steep site and the scooter tracks are actually on a different level to the playground.

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3. Coronet Park, Burleigh Waters

Coronet Park, Burleigh Waters balance bike and scooter track with obstacles

Ideal for: active families

If you’re looking for a scooter and balance bike track with plenty of obstacles then this is the one for your family. The track boasts several ramps of different textures, things to maneuver around and even a seesaw to traverse!

Other facilities at Coronet Park include plenty of green space, a sand-based playground with a digger for the little ones and another play area with flying foxes which are perhaps better suited to older children. There is also a BBQ and picnic seating, as well as a running circuit and fitness equipment.

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4. Coolangatta Foreshore 

Coolangatta Foreshore

Ideal for: active families

There is a flat bike, scooter and walking track that runs from North Kirra all the way through to the southern tip of Coolangatta where it connects to Rainbow Bay. Every weekend and after school you'll find families and active enthusiasts alike, pounding the pavement and enjoying the sun and ocean breezes. It's all completely flat and easy for the kids to navigate.

You’ll also come across Coolangatta Beach Park which hosts regular markets and has a playground too.

Image credit: Families Magazine

5. Damian Leeding Memorial Park, Oxenford

Leeding Memorial Park scooter track 

Ideal for: active families

Damian Leeding Memorial Park includes almost 4km of walking track around Regatta Waters Lake. You can easily stroll or jog around the lake while your kids ride their scooters or balance bikes.

The park also has a dog park, playground for the kids and exercise equipment for the adults.

But, it’s not all land-based. Your family can even take paddleboards, canoes, model boats and other non-motorised water equipment out on the lake.

The park is busy on the weekends and quieter during the week, as you’d expect from a family-oriented area. We suggest going at sunset for extra wow factor, although it’s wise to take some insect repellent! Pack a picnic too - you can easily spend the whole day here!

Note: The park is named in memory of Detective Senior Constable Damian Leeding who often used the park for fitness training, as do many other police officers and community members.

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6. Surfers Paradise Foreshore

Surfers Paradise Foreshore Bike and Scooter Riding

Ideal for: the whole family

Surfers Paradise is the tourist hot spot on the Gold Coast, but it is also home to a long scooter, bike and walking track that stretches from the heart of Surfers Paradise right through to Main Beach.

The kids can definitely get a great little workout with lots of cafe options along the way and the ocean right there for a dip to cool off.

Image Credit: World Landscape Architect

7. Broadwater Parklands

Broadwater Parklands learn to ride balance bike track

Ideal for: the whole family

If there is one place that will delight kids of all ages it is the Broadwater Parklands.  There are multiple scooter and bike tracks, nicely tucked away from the main highway. The tracks are wide and flat, with additions like ramps, a 4-way crossing and even wobble boards to cross!

There’s also a cafe for the parents, and cool playgrounds like the Monorail Bikes playground. Your kids will be thrilled with the water play areas. You could spend all day here.

Image credit: Mrs Lardeedah

8. Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens, Benowa

Gold Coast Botanic Gardens bike scooter track

Ideal for: the whole family

The Botanic Gardens are conveniently open year-round from 5am to 7pm and offer a relaxed setting that’s simply perfect for a laidback family day out.

It’s free to visit the gardens, which include a sensory garden, butterfly garden and rose garden. Your kids will also find plenty of ducks, kookaburras and water dragons to observe.

The boardwalks around the lake are perfect for kids riding their scooters and balance bikes. The walking tracks are flat and level so suitable for all.

There is a children’s playground that’s great for climbers, as well as picnic areas for kicking back. Coffee and treats like ice creams are available onsite - yes!

Image credit: Must Do Brisbane

 We hope you and your kids enjoy these scooting adventures!


Zoomy Leisure is an Australian online store selling a range of 2 and 3-wheeled kids scooters for kids from 2 to 10 years old.  Please visit for more information.

Is riding a scooter good exercise?

Is riding a scooter good exercise?

There’s no doubt that kids have an absolute ball when they’re zooming around on their scooters. But, it’s natural to wonder if fun is the only thing they are getting out of it.

So, is riding a scooter good exercise? And should you be encouraging your child to use their scooter more?

In this article, we’ll look at:

  • The physical activity needs of children
  • The different types of physical activity
  • The versatility of riding scooters as a form of physical activity
  • Why riding a scooter is good exercise
  • Long-term benefits for kids riding scooters

Physical activity needs of children

There’s a significant problem today with childhood physical inactivity, which not only results in childhood obesity, but also underlies many non-communicable diseases. In fact, in 2018 “the average percentage of children and youth who met recommendations on physical activity for health” was a mere 27 to 33% when analysed across 49 countries.

Those figures are alarmingly low.

So, how much physical activity is needed?

The Recommended Australian 24-hour Movement Guidelines for the Early Years state that:

  • Toddlers of 1-2 years require a minimum of 3 hours per day, including some energetic play
  • Pre-schoolers of 3-5 years require a minimum of 3 hours per day, with at least 1 hour of that as energetic play
  • Children of 5-12 years require a minimum of 1 hour per day of moderate to vigorous intensity exercise

Scooter riding for exercise

Different types of physical activity

When you’re thinking about how much exercise your own kids get, it’s helpful to understand the many forms that physical activity takes. 

These include:

Active transport

These are ways of getting around that require physical activity. For example, walking to school, riding to a friend’s house or scooting to the park.

Organised sports

Extra-curricular activities like playing on a soccer team, attending dance classes or martial arts practice are all organised sports.

Physical activity participation in schools and child care settings

This might include scheduled PE classes, in-school swimming, and fun runs, but also more informal activities like kicking a ball or skipping rope on lunch breaks.

Active play

This type of physical activity isn’t organised in nature, but it is just as important. It can include using playground equipment, running around, kicking a ball, rough and tumble play, and going to the skate park.

So, where does riding a scooter fit into this picture?

Scooter for active play

Riding scooters as a form of physical activity

Scooters are a fun form of active transport. Just like riding a bike, or walking, scooters can be used around the neighbourhood to get your child where they’re going.

Of course, scooters are perfect for active play too. Whether it’s after school, or on the weekends, scooters can be taken to the park, beach, or skate park. They can be ridden alone, or with friends having scooter races!

This makes scooting such a versatile form of exercise to incorporate into your child’s lifestyle.

Why riding a scooter is good exercise

In terms of the science behind riding a scooter for exercise, the intensity and energy cost of adults riding scooters has been assessed in only a small number of studies. These studies found that when healthy adults ride a scooter, it meets “the criteria for moderate-intensity exercise.”

Although this has not been studied in children, the NHS agrees that riding a scooter is classed as moderate-intensity exercise for children. That means it is similar in intensity to a brisk walk, or cycling that requires light effort.

Riding a scooter is primarily classified as aerobic exercise, but it certainly benefits the muscles too. This is important because kids need to do these two types of physical activity:

  1. Aerobic exercise
  2. Exercise to strengthen muscles and bones

Continuous scooting can help to elevate the heart rate and burn calories - that’s what makes it a good form of aerobic exercise.

Scooting works muscles from the feet, up through the quads and glutes, and right up through the core because of the effort exerted to maintain balance while moving. It stretches out and strengthens the back and chest muscles too. Riding a scooter helps children develop power in their legs, and the endurance to keep going.

It is also low-impact which means there is a reduced risk of any musculoskeletal injury.

For riding a scooter to provide good exercise benefits, it’s important your child is also doing it safely. That means wearing a helmet as well as other safety gear like elbow and knee pads. 

Please check their handlebar is at the correct height for them and that the locking mechanism is fastened securely. If your child is using their scooter for active transport, then they will need to understand road safety as well.

Helmets for scooter safety

Long-term benefits for kids riding scooters

Science indicates that riding a scooter is good exercise, but it’s also surprising that a big part of the health benefits of scooting come down to how fun it is.

You see, providing enjoyable active experiences for our kids is an important strategy for improving their overall activity levels, and their attitudes towards the benefits of exercise. When kids enjoy the exercise they are getting, they are motivated to do more - not just now, but to develop a lifelong appreciation for it.

It’s important for children to have the opportunity to develop healthy exercise habits while they are young - I’m sure you can relate to how much harder it is to do this later in life!

Scooting helps children develop a sense of mastery as they progress from striding to gliding on their scooter and as their balance, speed and confidence continue to develop. Self-confidence is an important part of wanting to participate in physical activity. And, despite it not being a team sport, riding a scooter is also a great way to interact with peers too.

So, if you’d like to get your child a scooter for a healthier lifestyle, or it’s time they had a scooter upgrade, you can find our full range of kick scooters here.

Which scooter is best for a 4-year-old?

Which scooter is best for a 4-year-old?

Do you want to buy a scooter for that special 4-year-old in your life? It can be hard to know where to begin. After all, there are so many different scooters on offer.

But, at 4 years old, your little one requires some very specific features if they are to get the most out of their scooting experience. Buying a scooter for a 4-year-old is quite different than buying one for a 10-year-old.

In this article, we’ll explain the most important features to look for when choosing the best scooter for a 4-year-old. And, we’ll not only help you out by explaining those must-haves, but also the features they’ll love to have on their new scooter.

Must-have features when choosing the best scooter for a 4-year-old

3 or 4 wheels?

When you imagine buying a scooter, does it have just 2 wheels? 2-wheeled scooters certainly have their place for older kids. But a 3 or 4-wheeled design is usually better suited to a 4-year-old’s abilities.

Why is this?

A 3-wheeled scooter has 2 wheels set apart at the front and one at the back. These can be used from just 18 months of age. A 4-wheel scooter has 2 wheels set apart at the front, and 2 wheels next to each other at the rear.

These self-standing designs are ideal for children who are still developing their sense of balance, because they provide additional stability and don’t require speed to stay balanced (like a 2-wheeled scooter does). With a stable scooter, kids feel more comfortable and this helps grow their confidence.

Zoomy Maxi Scooter

Lean to steer

When there is only one wheel at the front of a scooter, a child must turn the handlebar to steer, like with a bike. While this might seem quite easy to do, it adds risk, since there’s a chance they will turn too sharply and fall off the scooter.

With 2 wheels at the front of the scooter, children can lean to steer with their bodies and glide into turns, similar to skateboarding or snowboarding for instance. Building balance confidence in this way will help them when it does come time to learn to ride a bicycle.

Adjustable handlebar

We all know how quickly young children grow. So, products that can “grow with your child” will provide much better value.

Scooters with an adjustable handlebar are ideal because you can continuously adjust them to the right height, and get a few years of fun from the scooter.

If the handlebar can fold down - that’s even better. A scooter should be easy to fit in the car, and to carry.

Maxi Scooter Clamp

Non-slip low deck

The deck is a key part of a scooter when it comes to both usability and how safe it is. A deck that is low to the ground is easier for little legs to scoot from, balance is better since the centre of gravity is lower, and it also means there’s less distance for them to fall. When the deck is non-slip, it means there’s a reduced chance of spills.

Rubber handlebar grips

Soft little hands deserve comfortable handlebar grips that won’t degrade easily in the harsh Australian sun. Rubber grips are ideal because they can be used for hours on end without giving your child sore hands, and will stay cleaner and last longer than foam grips.

Maxi Scooter Handlebars

Quality bearings

A smooth scooting experience is made possible when a scooter has high quality bearings that minimise friction - like ABEC 7 bearings.

Pliable wheels

When we’re talking about scooters for 4-year-olds, you don’t want a ride that’s too rough on little bodies. That’s why it’s important that the wheels are manufactured from pliable material for good shock absorption. It also helps to improve shock absorption when the front wheels of a scooter are at least 100mm in size.


Lightweight scooters like those which have a plastic core material are easier for young children to manoeuvre, accelerate and learn on in general. And of course, if you want them to be able to help carry their scooter to the car, a lightweight one is the way to go! 

So, those are the must-haves. But what about the love-to-haves?

Scooter features that 4-year-olds love

Now that we’ve covered the safety and usability features, let’s get to the fun stuff. You want the 4-year-old in your life to just love their new scooter, after all!

This is where features like bright, vivid colours and light-up wheels come into play. An awesome colour and light-up wheels won’t just delight your child, it will give them a sense of pride over their scooter too!

Maxi Scooter Wheels

Recommendations for the best scooter for a 4-year-old

You might now be wondering which scooter actually meets this long list of requirements. Luckily, Zoomy Leisure offers two scooters that might be right for your 4-year-old.

The Kids Mini Scooter with Light-Up Wheels is perfect for kids who are new to scooting. Suitable for children from 18 months up to 5 years, it is very lightweight at only 1.9kg.

Zoomy Mini Scooters

The Kids Maxi Scooter with Light-Up Wheels is for kids who have physically or developmentally outgrown the Mini Scooter. Built stronger and faster, it’s ideal for children aged 4 years and over, and weighs 3.2kg.

Zoomy Maxi Scooters

Once you’ve chosen the ideal scooter for your 4-year-old, it’s time to talk safety gear. You can find out more about what they need here.

Zoomy Stay at Home Colouring Competition Results

Thank you everyone who sent us entries to our Stay at Home Colouring Competition to help people get through Covid-19.

It was really hard for us to choose a winner since there were so many great entries. Congratulations to our winner, Sammy who sent us the following drawing:

Zoomy Colouring Comp 1

Sammy gets to choose any combination of products from our website amounting to $100.

Since there were so many great entries, we've decided to send all participants a prize for their efforts. We'll reach out to everyone who submitted entries with further details.

Here's some highlights of the entries we received.

Zoomy Colouring Comp 2

Zoomy Colouring Comp 3

Zoomy Colouring Comp 4

Zoomy Colouring Comp 5

Zoomy Colouring Comp 6

Zoomy Colouring Comp 7

Zoomy Colouring Comp 8

Zoomy Colouring Comp 9

Zoomy Colouring Comp 10

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myz: Aussie Made Hats for Kids

myz: Aussie Made Hats for Kids

We came across this great Australian-made product that we thought we'd share.

myz hats for kids are hand made in Melbourne using only the highest quality sustainable fabrics.  The unique designs will really make a statement in the playground and since they're designed and made in Australia they'll definitely provide excellent sun protection.

 Check them out here:

Zoomy Leisure 2 Wheel Scooter Brake Improvements

Zoomy Leisure 2 Wheel Scooter Brake Improvements

We're always looking to improve our high quality Zoomy products. We really value the feedback our customers give us and use it to make our products better.

A few of our customers reported that the back brake on their 2 wheel scooters was snapping off.  For any customer this happened to, we sent them a new brake so they could replace the broken one.

We also took steps to insure this didn't happen again, and we're pleased to say that we've recently strengthened the back brake by adding a piece of steel to the brake.

All 2 wheel scooters we ship from now on will have the upgraded brakes and we'll continue sending new brakes free of charge to anyone who needs one.


Our Favourite Australian Parenting Facebook Pages and Websites

Our Favourite Australian Parenting Facebook Pages and Websites

Is there a thing as too much information? 

If ever you have a parenting or child-related question, there is definitely no shortage of information available. But the tough thing for any parent (new or not) is how to decipher the good information from the bad (or factually incorrect).

To help sort through the barrage of information available online, Zoomy Leisure has put together a list of our top 10 recommended Facebook pages and websites for parents. They get our tick of approval for being full of useful information, run by insightful parents and professionals as well as being well worth the read!  

Also, be sure to search Facebook for online parenting groups in your local area. They are not only a great online resource but are also fabulous ways to meet other nearby parents.

  1. Kidspot - everything for the busy mum in one place! Real life stories, recipes, thing to do, parenting tips, school advice and heaps more. Find Kidspot on Facebook.
  2. Practical Parenting - a fabulous site with articles, advice and products for sale for kids of all ages from babies through to teens. Find Practical Parenting on Facebook. 
  3. Raising Children - this is an information-based site with heaps of useful and informative articles and videos from illnesses throughout to breastfeeding attachment and behavioural issues. Find Raising Children on Facebook
  4. Be A Fun Mum - a great blog aimed at celebrating differences in motherhood and parenting and finding the joy in everyday moments. Find Be A Fun Mum on Facebook. 
  5. The Organised Housewife - if ever there was a more entertaining and informative blog on maintaining your family home then this is it! Its housework made fun and easy. Find The Organised Housewife on Facebook. 
  6. Bubhub - A longstanding site in the parenting platform, Bubhub shares a host of useful info on every stage of the parenting journey. Find BubHub on Facebook
  7. Healthy Kids - a site devoted to the health and well being of our children with nutritional facts and figures, tips and recipes for parents, school canteens and the food industry. Find Healthy Kids on Facebook. 
  8. Mouths of Mums - Real reviews from real mums about anything and everything parent and child elated you could think of! Find Mouths of Mums on Facebook
  9. Ella's List - A comprehensive guide to events and activities happening all over the country to entertain kids and families. Its family inspiration daily! Find Ella's list on Facebook
  10. Common Sense Media - provides independent reviews, age ratings, and other information about all types of media including TV shows, video games, movies and apps. Has your child ever asked you if they could play Fortnite or if you could install a new app for them on your phone?  Then Common Sense Media is a must visit. Find Common Sense Media on Facebook

    There is a host of good information out there no matter what issue or topic you are hunting for. Sifting through it all and finding the right resources that suit you and your family is the next step. We hope the above sites give you a good starting point! 

    Brought to you by Zoomy Leisure, an Australian online store focused on bringing you be best outdoor products for your kids.

    10 Reasons to Take the Scooters on the Next Family Trip

    10 Reasons to Take the Scooters on the Next Family Trip

    Should you take your scooter travelling with you? 

    The answer is simply, yes!

    As all parents know, travelling with kids can be quite an experience. The truth is, you never know what you are going to get. A seamless journey with minimal traffic, happy kids and happy parents. Or a trip of the depths of bad places with copious amounts of traffic, grump kids and even grumpier parents. 

    Sounds like fun right? Well, we have the top 10 reasons why you should take the scooters with you on your next road trip.

    1. They are compact. When setting off on a road trip, space is always an issue. Cars can only fit so many toys, food, luggage and sports equipment.The great thing about scooters Scooter in Suitcaseis that they can either fold or be quickly and easily taken apart, therefore are nice and compact, even for the busiest of family cars. If you are travelling by air, scooters (especially the mini scooter) are easily taken apart and small enough to be packed in a suitcase. 
    2. They are light. Once again, the very nature of scooters make them a great travelling companion as they won't load down your car with excess baggage. 
    3. They are a good pit stop option. Make pit stops a breeze and bring out the scooters to stretch those legs. Long car rides can be tough on little legs that are used to running and moving all day. A quick 10 minute scooter stop and the kids will be feeling refreshed for the next leg of the journey. 
    4. On-hand entertainment. Once you have arrived at your destination, scooters are an instant activity while you unpack. Those lazy afternoons you'd like to spend relaxing, the kids can scoot off for an afternoon of easy, free activity.
    5. Social interaction. Nothings says meeting new friends like bonding over scooters. If there are kids where you are heading, no doubt there will be other scooters in tow, which means instant friends for the kids. 
    6. It gets kids off screens! Having a scooter on hand means your kids will be encouraged to get out more. Instead of staring at a screen for the afternoon, kids can head off for a scoot and get in precious exercise to get those bodies moving. 
    7. All round activity. Some days may be gloomy or slightly overcast to head to the beach or the pool. Scooters can pretty much be used in most weather conditions (unless torrential rain is in sight!) So, if the clouds have come over and the kids are antsy, scooters are on tap ready to go. 
    8. They help little legs! Active family holidays can include long walks and sightseeing, which although great for the parents, can get tiresome for the kids. Scooters offer a great alternative to walking for kids that will help extend the length of those walks.   
      Zoomy Leisure - Kids on Scooters


      10. Light traffic areas make great scooter parks. Holiday destinations such as caravan parks and resorts often have very light traffic and many pathways, which offer great scooting areas for kids. It's a safe and secure and enclosed place for the kids to scoot.

      11. The trip home. Scooter pit stops are a great incentive on the ride home when everyone is a little tired and over being in the car. Nothing says happy, quiet kids than the promise of a scooter with an ice cream at the next stop.

      So if you are sitting on the fence about taking your scooter on your next road trip, fold or take it apart and throw in - you won't regret it!

      Zoomy Leisure sells a wide range of 2 wheel and 3 wheel scooters. Check out our full range of two wheel and three wheel scooters and give the gift of fun and exercise to your child.

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