Avoid Car Break Ins and Theft

We hear stories all the time of surfers, kite boarders and beach goers who have their car broken into while at the beach.

Here's a few tips to avoid having it happen to you:

1) Don't hide your key outside your car

There are thieves patrolling all the beaches and they know the common places where people hide keys - on the tyre, under the bumper, in the wheel well etc. Many thieves hide near the car parks some with binoculars watching people as they leave their car. They then know exactly where the keys are stored.

2) Don't leave valuables in plain sight.

Leaving your mobile, sunglasses, a handbag, loose change, or a decent surfboard in plain sight is an invitation to break in. Either hide your stuff or leave it a home!

3) Don't leave towels or blankets in the car looking like they might be covering valuables.

4) Don't leave any bags in the car in plain sight, thieves will smash into the car just to see what's inside them.

5) Don't leave your clothes hanging or lying in the car in plain sight, it shows that you've gone into the surf and that you'll be away for a while.

6) If you can't take your key with you, Invest in a secure lock box. With the lock box, you can secure your keys inside and padlock the box to your car. The only way to access is is by using the 4 digit unique combination.

Zoomy Leisure sells these lock boxes, delivery is free to most states across Australia, and you won't find one for less money anywhere. With your keys safely stored away you can get out and enjoy the surf without having to worry about your valuables.

Buy one here.



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