Best Places to Take Your Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes in Sydney

Best Places to Take Your Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes in Sydney

We've compiled a list of some of the best bike parks and bike trails where you can take your kids in Sydney so they can scoot around away from traffic in a safe, outdoor environment.  So grab your Zoomy Scooters or Balance Bikes and hit the road:

1. Children's Cycleway in Centennial Park

Children's Cycleway in Centennial Park

In the south-west corner of Centennial Park, is the family-friendly Fearnley Grounds precinct. As well as a playground, toilets, café and bike rental shop, there’s the Children’s Learners Cycleway; a dedicated bike track which loops around the playground and through the trees. It’s completely flat and wide enough for 2-3 bikes side by side making it safe for little ones on trikes, scooters and bikes.  

2. Sydney Park Cycling Centre at Sydney Park, St Peters

Sydney Park Cycling Centre

The Sydney Park Cycling Centre is a Sydney favourite among parents for their young children to learn and gain confidence on bikes and scooters. The park is set up with mini-roads, roundabouts and bridges, complete with working traffic lights, a tunnel and a refuelling station. Just over the brow of the hill, you’ll find a café, playground and beautiful wetlands.

3. Heffron Pedal Park, Maroubra

Heffron Pedal Park

Heffron Pedal Park is a great spot in Sydney’s East for youngsters to practice their bike and scooter skills. The fun, miniature road network features road signs, road markings, traffic lights and roundabouts. There’s also road rule information to help kids learn essential riding safety rules. There is ample parking nearby, a children’s playground, public toilets, shade and seating areas.

4. Campbelltown Bicycle Education & Road Safety Centre

4. Campbelltown Bicycle Education & Road Safety Centre

At the Centre you’ll find a road circuit with signage and traffic lights, a junior track for toddlers, shaded bicycle skills area, a bicycle repair station, children’s playground plus all the facilities you might need including toilets with baby change table, sheltered picnic area, free BBQ and vending machine. Coffee is available on the other side of the park. Enter the main car park and the Centre is adjacent to the Tennis Courts and the Showground.

5. Old School Park, Gymea

Old School Park, Gymea

Old School Park in Gymea Bay the little track surrounding a partly gated playground (fenced off from the road) is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers practicing their balance and steering skills.

6. Werrington Lakes, Penrith

Werrington Lakes is a huge reserve, home to a lake, cycle tracks, walking paths and BBQ facilities. The covered playground has it all including a fort, swings, fireman’s pole and obstacles to test out your kids balance and coordination. Kids will enjoy cooling off in the playground’s new splash pad water feature too!Burton Street.

7. Cockatoo Island

Cockatoo Island

Scooter and bike friendly Cockatoo Island has an abundance of space and plenty of hills and tunnels to scoot up, down, around and through. Australia’s answer to Alcatraz, sun drenched Cockatoo Island was a former imperial prison, industrial school, reformatory and gaol, and the site of one of Australia’s biggest shipyards during the twentieth century..  As an added bonus, you can spend the night there in their campsites with a great city backdrop!

10. Brightmore Reserve, Cremorne

Brightmore Reserve, Cremorne

Brightmore Reserve is a North Sydney gem for learner riders to practice new skills on the simulated public road system complete with roundabouts, pedestrian crossings, road signs and a play village with petrol station, fire engine and row of shops. Set within the track is a fenced playground. The reserve is flat and easily accessible with plenty of shady picnic tables and lots of open green space for more informal play. Toilets, sports fields, BBQs and a swing-set are across the road in Primrose Park.

11. Manly Beach

Manly Beach

Manly Beach has a paved path and cylceway perfect for kids scooters and balance bikes  The trail stretches from from Queenscliff all the way to Shelly Beach.  There's plenty of cafes, toilets and drink fountains along the way and furthermore it's right along the beach so the kids can always stop for a play in the sand along the way.

12. Sydney Olympic Park, Bicentennial Park & Newington Armory

Sydney Olympic Park, Bicentennial Park & Newington Armory

These trails have everything to guarantee a relaxing and calming scoot or balance bike through Sydney’s parklands and nature reserves. Not to mention that there is an Olympic size amount of space so kids of every age are able to have a roll around without the fear of the crowds of hustle and bustle. There are endless perfect spots for a picnic or BBQ and numerous playgrounds and cafes along the way.

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