What to Look for When Buying your First Kids Scooter

What to Look for When Buying your First Kids Scooter

Just like riding a bike, buying your child’s first three wheel scooter is a rite of passage. It’s exciting stuff, both for your child and for yourself as a parent, watching your child learn a new skill. Scooting is a skill that will help them keep fit and healthy and have a whole lot of fun in the meantime.

So where do you start? They are many scooters out there on the market and it is tough for a new parent to know where to begin.


Three wheel scooters and two wheel scooters both have their place. But if you are a young beginner, an entry-level three wheel scooter is the place to start.

Three wheel scooters are designed for children aged between approximately two years to preschooler age. The addition of the second front wheel allows young kids the stability they need whilst not compromising on the joy, skill and speed of scooting. The adjustable handle bars allow the scooter to grow right along with your child. Keep them nice and low when young and beginning, and gradually move them up as they grow. These versatile scooters will keep your young ones in good stead til they are about five years of age and are ready to advance on to the two wheel scooter.


Every child is different but generally, once your child has mastered the three wheel scooter and has outgrown the height of the handlebars, they can advance on to a two wheel scooter. This generally occurs from the age of five and above, although some kids can be perfectly happy on their three wheel scooter up until the age of 8 years old. It is entirely up to each and every child. Or your child may prefer to move up to our larger three wheel maxi scooters, suitable for 4-8 year olds. 

When a Two Wheel Scooter is the Way to Go...

Two wheel scooters are generally faster and more durable than your average three wheeler with the addition of a reinforced steel plate and rotating handlebars. Two wheel scooters allow more flexibility in your child’s scooting with jumps, turns and tricks all on offer. As opposed to the 'lean to steer' mechanism of the three wheel scooter, the two wheel scooters steer by turning the handlebars which is a more difficult skill to master. 

So for those looking to enter the scooting world, kickstart your journey with a three wheel scooter.

Zoomy Leisure sells a wide range of 2 wheel and 3 wheel scooters. Check out our full range of two wheel and three wheel scooters and give the gift of fun and exercise to your child.

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