Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Easter

Keeping Your Kids Healthy This Easter

Creating a Happy and Healthy Easter with your Kids

Easter is without fail a time to indulge. Trying to resist those Easter Eggs and bunnies wrapped in brightly covered foil can be an often futile task for parents. The key to ensuring your kids stay fit and healthy this Easter is to do everything in moderation. 

Don't Overdo It! 

Now we don't want to be the equivalent of the Easter Bunny Scrooge but it is easy to get carried away with buying our kids copious amounts of chocolate at Easter time. In our house, a fair proportion of the Easter haul ends up being given away to others or secretly stashed in the garbage bin. The benefit of limiting the chocolate is also limiting the major sugar crash that will invariably come with it. 

Get Outside 

There is no better way to wear off that vast intake of sugar than to get outside and get active! Get the kids on their bikes and kids scooters and get moving. The fresh air and physical activity will be a nice antidote to the high sugar and fat content in those delicious bunnies. 

Even it Out 

Sure thing, go nuts with the chocolate at Easter. It is the day of the year that chocolate for breakfast really is OK. But counteract it with healthy meals throughout the day. Throw in some veggie sticks with hummus, some good protein like eggs or chicken wraps and lots of water! 

Above all, enjoy the special time with your family. Easter is a time for families to come together and celebrate being together. 


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