Learn to Ride with a Balance Bike

Learn to Ride with a Balance Bike

We are seeing a shift in the traditional pathway of learning how to ride a bike. Training wheels are quickly becoming a thing of the past. In their place is the new and improved balance bike.  And they are here to stay.

The Art of Balance

As parents will concur, often the trickiest part of teaching our kids to ride a bike is the concept of balance. In the past, young children have been relegated to bikes with clunky, and often unbalanced training wheels whilst they adapt to the skill of riding. Yet in this process, we are inhibiting them from learning the most important skill in bike riding - balance! By skipping this step we are merely delaying their ability to learn the art of balance. 

Enter the balance bike!

Balance bikes negate the need for training wheels in younger riders. These 'first bikes' allow children, generally between the ages of two and four, to learn the art of balance without the worry of pedals. It allows them one less process to think about and purely focus on the balance and steering aspect of riding.

Children will start by walking on the balance bike, and as their skill and confidence grows, will gradually increase their pace. Once they are proficient at steering and balance, they can generally move up to a pedal bike without the need for training wheels. Why? Because they have successfully mastered the skill of balance on their first balance bike, and now only need to focus on pedalling. 

Our Zoomy Balance Bikes are lightweight, fully adjustable and come in an awesome range of colours to suit every little taste. Don't be afraid to try something new and deviate from the traditional. Give a balance bike a go and watch your child learn to ride faster than you ever imagined! 


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