New 2018 Zoomy Balance Bike

We're very excited to announce a new updated version of the Zoomy Balance Bike for 2018!

A few changes have been made to improve the quality and make the balance bike easier to assemble.  These include:

Handlebar Connection

  • The quick release clamp from the handlebars has been replaced with screw-in bolts.  This strengthens the connection between the handlebars and the front wheel and ensures the wheel is always perfectly aligned with the handlebars.  Previously aligning the wheel was a bit of a guessing game.

Handlebar DetailHandlebar Detail 2


Seat Connection

  • The quick release clamp to hold the seat post to the frame has been updated to provider a stronger hold.  The clamp can also now be tightened with an Allen Key. Some customers previously had issues ensuring the quick release clamp was tight enough.  This upgrade resolves this issue.

Seat ConnectionSeat Connection 2


The new 2018 balance bikes are in stock and all bikes shipped from January 2018 include these updates.

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