Our Favourite Australian Parenting Facebook Pages and Websites

Our Favourite Australian Parenting Facebook Pages and Websites

Is there a thing as too much information? 

If ever you have a parenting or child-related question, there is definitely no shortage of information available. But the tough thing for any parent (new or not) is how to decipher the good information from the bad (or factually incorrect).

To help sort through the barrage of information available online, Zoomy Leisure has put together a list of our top 10 recommended Facebook pages and websites for parents. They get our tick of approval for being full of useful information, run by insightful parents and professionals as well as being well worth the read!  

Also, be sure to search Facebook for online parenting groups in your local area. They are not only a great online resource but are also fabulous ways to meet other nearby parents.

  1. Kidspot - everything for the busy mum in one place! Real life stories, recipes, thing to do, parenting tips, school advice and heaps more. Find Kidspot on Facebook.
  2. Practical Parenting - a fabulous site with articles, advice and products for sale for kids of all ages from babies through to teens. Find Practical Parenting on Facebook. 
  3. Raising Children - this is an information-based site with heaps of useful and informative articles and videos from illnesses throughout to breastfeeding attachment and behavioural issues. Find Raising Children on Facebook
  4. Be A Fun Mum - a great blog aimed at celebrating differences in motherhood and parenting and finding the joy in everyday moments. Find Be A Fun Mum on Facebook. 
  5. The Organised Housewife - if ever there was a more entertaining and informative blog on maintaining your family home then this is it! Its housework made fun and easy. Find The Organised Housewife on Facebook. 
  6. Bubhub - A longstanding site in the parenting platform, Bubhub shares a host of useful info on every stage of the parenting journey. Find BubHub on Facebook
  7. Healthy Kids - a site devoted to the health and well being of our children with nutritional facts and figures, tips and recipes for parents, school canteens and the food industry. Find Healthy Kids on Facebook. 
  8. Mouths of Mums - Real reviews from real mums about anything and everything parent and child elated you could think of! Find Mouths of Mums on Facebook
  9. Ella's List - A comprehensive guide to events and activities happening all over the country to entertain kids and families. Its family inspiration daily! Find Ella's list on Facebook
  10. Common Sense Media - provides independent reviews, age ratings, and other information about all types of media including TV shows, video games, movies and apps. Has your child ever asked you if they could play Fortnite or if you could install a new app for them on your phone?  Then Common Sense Media is a must visit. Find Common Sense Media on Facebook

    There is a host of good information out there no matter what issue or topic you are hunting for. Sifting through it all and finding the right resources that suit you and your family is the next step. We hope the above sites give you a good starting point! 

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