10 Reasons to Take the Scooters on the Next Family Trip

10 Reasons to Take the Scooters on the Next Family Trip

Should you take your scooter travelling with you? 

The answer is simply, yes!

As all parents know, travelling with kids can be quite an experience. The truth is, you never know what you are going to get. A seamless journey with minimal traffic, happy kids and happy parents. Or a trip of the depths of bad places with copious amounts of traffic, grump kids and even grumpier parents. 

Sounds like fun right? Well, we have the top 10 reasons why you should take the scooters with you on your next road trip.

  1. They are compact. When setting off on a road trip, space is always an issue. Cars can only fit so many toys, food, luggage and sports equipment.The great thing about scooters Scooter in Suitcaseis that they can either fold or be quickly and easily taken apart, therefore are nice and compact, even for the busiest of family cars. If you are travelling by air, scooters (especially the mini scooter) are easily taken apart and small enough to be packed in a suitcase. 
  2. They are light. Once again, the very nature of scooters make them a great travelling companion as they won't load down your car with excess baggage. 
  3. They are a good pit stop option. Make pit stops a breeze and bring out the scooters to stretch those legs. Long car rides can be tough on little legs that are used to running and moving all day. A quick 10 minute scooter stop and the kids will be feeling refreshed for the next leg of the journey. 
  4. On-hand entertainment. Once you have arrived at your destination, scooters are an instant activity while you unpack. Those lazy afternoons you'd like to spend relaxing, the kids can scoot off for an afternoon of easy, free activity.
  5. Social interaction. Nothings says meeting new friends like bonding over scooters. If there are kids where you are heading, no doubt there will be other scooters in tow, which means instant friends for the kids. 
  6. It gets kids off screens! Having a scooter on hand means your kids will be encouraged to get out more. Instead of staring at a screen for the afternoon, kids can head off for a scoot and get in precious exercise to get those bodies moving. 
  7. All round activity. Some days may be gloomy or slightly overcast to head to the beach or the pool. Scooters can pretty much be used in most weather conditions (unless torrential rain is in sight!) So, if the clouds have come over and the kids are antsy, scooters are on tap ready to go. 
  8. They help little legs! Active family holidays can include long walks and sightseeing, which although great for the parents, can get tiresome for the kids. Scooters offer a great alternative to walking for kids that will help extend the length of those walks.   
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    10. Light traffic areas make great scooter parks. Holiday destinations such as caravan parks and resorts often have very light traffic and many pathways, which offer great scooting areas for kids. It's a safe and secure and enclosed place for the kids to scoot.

    11. The trip home. Scooter pit stops are a great incentive on the ride home when everyone is a little tired and over being in the car. Nothing says happy, quiet kids than the promise of a scooter with an ice cream at the next stop.

    So if you are sitting on the fence about taking your scooter on your next road trip, fold or take it apart and throw in - you won't regret it!

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