Hosting an Active Kid's Birthday Party

There is no doubt that entertaining kids at birthday parties is no mean feat. Whether it be at your home, at an indoor play centre or an outdoor activity, kids certainly have energy to burn. So, why not host a party where the main aim is for kids to be active and having fun all at the same time!

Better yet, it won't cost you a fortune... 

Hosting a Scooter Birthday Party 

For those active kids who like to get out and about on their scooter, nothing could be better than having a scooter party with all your mates!

It ticks all the boxes - active, fun and simple!

To get started, all you need to do is select a park with a great scooter track. Importantly, one that is visible to parents, especially with young kids. (You can check our our previous blogs on the best scooter tracks in our major cities)

Secondly, make it clear on your invitation that it is a scooter party and to BYO scooter! If everyone doesn't own a scooter, bikes are a great substitute. If both are lacking, kids can easily take turns throughout the day. That way it gives the little legs a rest! 

On the day, have some scooter games up your sleeve. Or, if the kids are young, the pure act of scooting is simply enough! For the older kids, you could host a scooter relay, scooter races and trick displays. 

The best part is that your child and their mates are sending an active day outside celebrating their birthday. It encourages exercise and being active and enjoying healthy activities with their friends. Without even knowing it, you are helping to build positive attitudes towards their health and fitness through fun.

Better yet, parents will be stoked to receive their child back at the end of the party nicely worn out. 

So next time you're wondering what birthday party to throw your child, get right back to basics! Host an active, outdoors scooter party - it'll be the best and easiest party you've ever hosted! 


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