Best Places to take your Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes in Melbourne

Best Places to take your Kids Scooters and Balance Bikes in Melbourne

Article updated 04/06/2021

Looking for the best scooter and balance bike locations in Melbourne? Whether you are a Melbourne local or heading there on a family holiday, there’s plenty of choice for fantastic parks and trails.

Here are our top 8 parks and tracks for a day of scooter and balance bike riding fun!

1. Hansen Reserve, West Footscray

Hansen Reserve, West Footscray scooter tracks

Ideal for: beginner riders and older siblings

Among other facilities, Hansen Reserve is home to the Junior Bike Skills Track, built in 2020. This shared track offers several different surfaces to explore, including undulations, lumps and bumps. What’s great about this one for beginner scooter and balance bike riders is that it isn’t about learning road rules, just staying and playing on the track. It’s simple, but still super fun.

The original wooden playground near the scooter and bike track is due to be upgraded in 2021. There are also BBQ facilities trackside, as well as plenty of green space and sports fields.

Image credit: Mamma Knows West

2. Marie Wallace Bayswater Park, Bayswater

Marie Wallace Park Bayswater scooter track

Ideal for: beginner riders and older siblings

Fondly known to locals as the “Train Park” due to the old steam train that kids can pretend to drive. The park itself is newly renovated, with numerous play spaces so your kids are sure to find something that interests them.

But, what we’re really here for is the adjoining traffic park. It provides the facilities of a commercial traffic school, without the cost or restricted session times (and instructor of course). 

The foundation of the scooter park is a circular asphalt track, which is intersected by other paths that are complete with their own traffic light system and road signage. If you’re looking for a place for your kids to learn road safety while having loads of fun, you can’t go past the Train Park.

Image credit: Melbourne Playgrounds

3. Observation Park & Traffic Park, Craigieburn

Observation Traffic Park Craigieburn balance bike track

Ideal for: beginner riders and older siblings

If you’re looking for somewhere your kids can ride their scooters and balance bikes on the northside, then the Traffic Park at Craigieburn is the one for you. Even though the play equipment here is excellent, the scooter and balance bike track is the highlight.

It includes features like humped roads, a roundabout and even parking bays. Kids can learn to ride on the left and have respect for other road users - all while having fun. Between the park and scooter track, sheltered picnic tables provide seating for parents. 

Image credit: Mama Knows North

4. Jells Park, Wheelers Hill

Jells Park

Ideal for: active families

Jells Park is nestled away in the Dandenong Valley in Wheelers Hill, giving you a real sense of being away from the hustle and bustle of city life. In fact, this was once a cattle farm.

You and your kids can choose from over 9km of paths and trails to explore on your scooter and bike adventure. Your kids will delight in riding around the wetlands and billabongs, taking in all the resident wildlife along the way.

Jells Park is also home to brand new playground equipment. It’s such a popular spot that if you’re looking to secure a picnic table or BBQ, a visit off-peak may be worth considering.

Image Credit: Parks Victoria

5. Ruffey Lake Park, Manningham

Ruffey Lake Park

Ideal for: active families

Ruffey Lake Park is a favourite among local families thanks to the gorgeous lake views. The green open spaces are perfect for BBQs and kicking the footy.

Ruffey Lake Park is packed with beautiful walking paths and complemented by fun playgrounds, so the kids can easily alternate between scooting and playing. As an added bonus you can even take your dog along with you - keeping everyone in the family happy!

Image Credit: Manningham City Council

6. Maribyrnong River Trail Loop 

Maribyrnong River Trail Loop

Ideal for: active families

At 4.2km, this track that loops around the Maribyrnong River is one to work up to in order to complete the entire loop! In fact, you might choose to stick to just one side of the river to begin with.

Some of the trail is compacted gravel, but there is a significant concreted section too which is ideal for your kids on their scooters and balance bikes. The trail ride is best for kids who understand keeping to one side of the path, due to how popular it is with walkers, scooters and cyclists - particularly on the weekends!

Image Credit:

7. The Royal Botanic Gardens, Melbourne 

Royal Botanic Gardens

Ideal for: the whole family

The Royal Botanic Gardens offer not only a variety of awesome scooter and bike tracks for all ages but a host of other activities for a whole day of fun. Tracks range from easy sections for the smaller kids to bigger tracks throughout the themed gardens.

This manicured green oasis is the perfect setting for a picnic with the family. You’ll find you can easily spend the whole day here.

Image credit: Travelux Blog

 8. All Nations Park, Northcote 

All Nations Park Northcote scooter bike tracks

Ideal for: the whole family

All Nations Park on Separation Street in Northcote offers 13 hectares of space and stunning skyline views from the peak of the park. Along your ride, enjoy the array of unique features including the Hilltop, the Olive Grove, Indigenous gardens and skate park and playgrounds. 

Best of all, are the wide paths, which provide plenty of room to scoot for beginner and more advanced riders alike. Your kids will love scooting over the bridges and saying hello to the lake’s resident ducks.

Image credit: Melbourne Daily

So, no matter where your adventure takes you in Melbourne, grab your bike or scooter of choice, all the safety gear and get to it!


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