Top 5 Scooter Safety Tips

Top 5 Scooter Safety Tips

So you've bitten the bullet and the kids have their very first scooter. Hooray! Whether you are a first-time scooter parent or an old hand scooter pro, it is never too late to refresh your scooter safety tips. As we all want our kids scooting safely as well as heaving heaps of fun.

So before your child sets out, check our our Top 5 Scooter Safety Tips to ensure they are ready and rearing to go.  

  1. Ensure Your Set Up is Correct
    Whether you have a two wheel scooter or a three wheel scooter, ensure the height of the handlebars is correct and the locking mechanism is secure and won't collapse mid-scoot. 

  2.  Wear Your Helmet
    It doesn't matter whether you are playing out on the driveway, on a dedicated pathway or scooting around the city, helmets are mandatory! Kids can pick up a good level of speed once they become confident on their scooter. The last thing you want is your child hitting a ditch in the road or a stray rock and taking a fall without a helmet on. It is just not worth the risk! 

  3. Invest in Good Knee and Elbow Pads
    Kids' knees and elbows can take a good beating when learning to scoot! Then for those who are advancing and trying out their new tricks, falls continue to happen. It's all part and parcel of learning a new skill. So keep those limbs protected with some quality knee and elbow pads. Good quality sets will be more comfortable for your child to wear and will offer more protection. 

  4. Maintain your Scooter
    Brakes do wear down and the odd bolt works itself loose the more your scooter is loved and used. Check your scooter every now and then to make sure the brakes are still effective Check the bolts to make sure they're tight, especially the ones on the wheels.  If need be, replace worn parts or tighten loose bolts. 

  5. Know the Road Rules and Watch for Traffic
    Even if you are a fan of heading to dedicated park pathways and scooter tracks, always ensure your children are aware of the road rules. There will undoubtedly be times where they will need to cross a traffic area.  Watch for cars exiting driveways. Knowing where the traffic is coming from and going to, and who gets right of way when, is an important lesson. 

Not too hard right? Stick to these scooter safety tips and keep your kids safe and scooter-ready. 



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