The Difference in Steering Between a Two and Three Wheel Scooter

The Difference in Steering Between a Two and Three Wheel Scooter

There are a few things to consider when it comes to the decision on whether to purchase a two or three wheel scooter. Unlike bikes whereby training wheels are used as a learning tool, three wheel scooters offer a completely different riding experience to a two wheel scooter. A three wheel scooter is not simply a training tool prior to moving up to a two wheel scooter. They offer a very different and unique scooting experience of their own. 

Understanding the way that a three wheel and a two wheel scooter steers is important when deciding which scooter will best suit your child. It will also help in your understanding in the way in which they scoot, as the steering mechanisms are very different.

The Steering Mechanism of a Two Wheel Scooter 

The two wheel scooter is great for kids who have developed their confidence and balance on a scooter. With a two wheel scooter, you turn the handles in the desired direction you wish to go.

The steering mechanism of a two wheel scooter is much like that of a bike. So if your child has learned to ride a bike, then the steering mechanism of a two wheel scooter will be familiar.

An important factor to remember with a two wheel scooter is learning to adapt to the steering mechanism correctly and confidently. If the wheels are turned too sharply on a two wheel scooter, it will result in a very quick turn, or even in the scooter falling over. This can be particularly dangerous for young kids who may not have yet perfected the turn of a two wheeler, especially when travelling downhill at speed. If a child panics, they tend to naturally turn the wheels sharply and fall. So it is essential to ensure your child is old enough, and skilled, to manage the turn mechanism.  

The Steering Mechanism of a Three Wheel Scooter 

The three wheel scooters are self-standing scooters with a lean-to-steer mechanism which delivers a fairly dynamic scooter steering experience. It is relatively easy to pick up a three wheel scooter and ride, however with practice, the three wheel scooter can offer a rather intricate and dynamic ride.  

The lean-to-steer allows children to lean in the direction they wish to turn and the scooter's wheels will turn in that direction. It helps to develop coordination and confidence before they advance to tighter and faster turns and carves. The three wheel scooter has been likened to snowboarding, surfing and skating in the similar way you lean your body weight to turn. 

So there you have it. A quick and simple guide to the difference between how to steer a two and three wheel scooter. With a little practice and confidence, your child will pick up their newfound skill quickly and you won't be able to stop them.

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