Zoomy Leisure

3 Wheel Kids Scooters Australia

Zoomy Leisure is driven to bring you the very best kids scooters with flashing wheels to help you and your kids make the most of your leisure time. Safety and durability are the key components to every item we carry. Our selective process and great prices will make Zoomy Leisure your retailer of choice when it comes to finding new and fun ways for you and your kids enjoy life. We will be expanding our inventory of quality products so be sure to check back soon for new items.

We are currently specialising in 3 wheel push / kick scooters designed specifically for preschoolers. Our scooters were created to help keep your children safe while they enjoy the fun and excitement of scootering as well as the health and development benefits it provides. Check out our selection and choose a Zoomy scooter in your child’s favorite colour!

All our scooters feature bright LED wheels that light-up while moving. Your kids will love these and your scooter will stand out from the crowd.

Click here for a video of a Zoomy Scooter in action!