Kids Balance Bikes

Zoomy Leisure is pleased to introduce the very best 2 wheel kids balance bikes.

We spent 6 months researching the market and testing various types of bikes to come up with what we feel is the ultimate balance bike for young children.

Back in the old days, kids learned how to ride bikes using pedal bikes with training wheels on them. For kids just learning, bikes with training wheels have several problems:

  • Kids have not yet developed the strength in their legs to push pedals on a bike.
  • Kids are still developing their sense of balance.  Bikes with training wheels are not very stable. This leads to falls.  The fear of falling means kids take longer to develop their sense of balance.

With a balance bike, kids are able to develop their sense of balance without the fear of falling and then when they're ready, they can transition to a push bike without ever having to use training wheels.

The Zoomy Balance Bike will feature the following:

  • Aluminium frame, handlebars and seat post that are light and won't rust
  • Quick release adjustable height seat and handle bars
  • Puncture proof EVA 12" tyres that never require maintenance
  • Plastic seat with a synthetic leather cover that's water proof

At just 2 kg, the Zoomy Balance Bike is over 1 kg lighter than most balance bikes available.

When choosing a balance bike, weight should be an important consideration. Toddlers are still developing their muscles, and the less weight they have to carry around, the better.  The average 3 year old boy weighs 14 kg.  A 1 kg savings in the weight of the bike equates to 7% of their body weight.

To put this in perspective, the average adult male weighs 85 kg and a good adult push bike weighs 7-10 kg.  7% of the adult's weight works out to 6 kg.  So comparing a 2 kg balance bike to a 3 kg balance bike would be like comparing a 7 kg adult bike to a 13 kg bike. if price weren't an issue, given the choice, most adults would surely pick the 7 kg bike to ride up a hill. Why punish your child with a balance bike heavier than it needs to be?

Zoomy Balance Bike