Teach Your Kids Balance and Coordination: Try out Balance Bikes for Toddlers from Australia’s Zoomy Leisure

What’s the right age to buy your child their first bicycle? Thanks to Zoomy Leisure’s line of balance bikes, the answer is ‘younger than you think!’ Our balance bikes for toddlers in Australia are designed for kids from 18 months and onwards. Many people will tell you that your child won’t be ready to start riding a bike until they are four or five years old. We can only guess that those people have never tried out a Zoomy Leisure balance bike.

Our Kids Balance Bikes in Australia: A Better Way to Learn How to Ride a Bike

In most households, the standard way to teach kids how to ride bikes is to attach training wheels to small bicycles. Training wheels, which turn bikes from two-wheel vehicles into four-wheel vehicles, allow small children to get the hang of pedalling, steering, and braking without having to worry about balance. However, they are not the optimal way to teach a child how to ride a bike.

In most cases, training wheels are poorly made and poorly installed, which means they aren’t very stable. So, while training wheels are supposed to teach kids how to ride bikes without worrying about balance, they often don’t serve that function as well as they should. Also, kids—toddlers especially—don’t have enough strength in their legs to pedal correctly. Together, these factors can lead to unsuccessful biking sessions and might even create a fear of bikes in your kids.

With a toddler balance bike in Australia, you will be able to teach your child the basics of riding a bike without worrying about unstable training wheels or pedals that are hard to push. In fact, Zoomy Leisure’s balance bikes have no pedals at all. Our balance bikes use lightweight aluminium, which makes them half the weight of most other bikes on the market. As a result, they are easier for kids to manipulate and control, which allows for faster progress with balance and coordination.

In fact, we’ve heard from a lot of parents who used balance bikes for their toddlers in Australia, many of whom have told us about how quickly their kids learned how to ride. Indeed, kids are often able to start with our balance bikes, learn the basics of balancing and controlling a bike and then move straight to bikes without training wheels. The result is that kids who start with our balance bikes end up learning to ride with just two wheels a lot faster than most of their contemporaries.

Throw away the Training Wheels and Use a Balance Bike Instead

Give your kids the gift of coordination, balance, and love for bicycling! With a kid’s balance bike from Australia’s Zoomy Leisure, you will be able to teach your child how to ride a bike faster and more successfully than with any other method on the market. Click here to learn more, and throw those training wheels away.