Develop Kids and Toddlers Coordination with Balance Bikes in Melbourne

Even from very young ages, toddlers start to develop balance and coordination through various activities. Many factors help children develop good coordination, and it is important for parents to focus time and attention on the building blocks needed for that development, including attention & concentration, body awareness, hand eye coordination, posture, and more. Various activities can help strengthen these building blocks and lead to good balance and coordination down the road.

Good coordination doesn’t happen overnight, however. It takes time and effort from parents and kids. Games like hopscotch are an excellent way to encourage coordination development. Jungle gyms and suspended climbing ladders help as well. One way to develop postural balance is through bikes and scooters. Parents should consider kids balance bikes in Melbourne, as these are great for balance and coordination.

Benefits of a Kids Balance Bike in Melbourne

What is a balance bike? A balance bike is a two-wheeled bike without pedals. It teaches kids as young as 18 months how to balance themselves on two wheels. A surge of these bikes has hit the market in recent years as a suitable replacement for both tricycles and training wheels. Studies have shown that it is more beneficial for a toddler’s development to have a balance bike as a first bike as opposed to a tricycle or regular bike with training wheels. After some time with learning to balance and coordinate themselves on balance bikes, your toddler or kid will be able to easily transition to a big-kid bike without the need for training wheels.

You might be wondering why a balance bike is a better option for your toddler than a tricycle. Tricycles are slow and often awkward for young kids to manoeuvre. They can also be heavier than balance bikes, which use high-grade, lightweight aluminium that makes them easy for young kids to pick up. Tricycles also tend to tip over on uneven surfaces. With a balance bike, kids will learn to change posture to balance, thus leading to better balance development. There are so many benefits of balance bikes that parents should think about talking to pros who sell balance bikes for toddlers in Melbourne for even more information.

Balance Bikes from Zoomy Leisure

If you are looking for a toddler balance bike in Melbourne, look no further than Zoomy Leisure. We offer high-quality scooters and balance bikes for young kids. Since 2015, we have been selling products that promote healthy, active lifestyles for your son or daughter. Last year, we began selling balance bikes for kids from 18 months onwards because of how beneficial they are to the development of balance and coordination. We emphasise safety and durability in our products and encourage all parents to supply kids with helmets and pads before using them.

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