Teach Your Toddler to Ride with Kids Balance Bikes Online

Riding a bicycle is one of the earliest skills many children learn. It can also be daunting due to lack of fine motor skills or lack of balancing abilities. However, you can order kids balance bikes online from Zoomy Leisure, and teach your child how to ride a bicycle without much trouble.

Our balance bikes for toddlers are only available online and take the difficulty of learning how to ride. Learning to ride bicycles with training wheels used to be the standard way to teach children this lifelong skill. That method is ineffective, though, because children do not learn how to balance with the training wheels on their cycle. When you remove the training wheels, your child will still need to find out how to stay on the bicycle without it tipping over.

Our balance bikes for toddlers solve this issue by being lightweight and perfectly balanced. These bikes encourage children to develop their balancing skills and help them gain confidence in their ability. When you order one from our online store, you will understand what makes them so great.

Share the Joy of Cycling with a Toddler Balance Bike Online

We sell balance bikes for toddlers online because it allows us to keep our overhead low and pass the savings onto you. However, apart from helping you save money, our cycles are specially made for children and are 100% perfectly balanced. We spent several months developing the right feel of our bikes to help facilitate learning how to cycle. We are sure you will not be disappointed with our efforts.

Learning to ride a bicycle can be difficult, but a kid balance bike from our online store makes it easy. Your child will love their ability to sit on the bike and not have it tip over, and you will love the idea of keeping your child safe while they learn to ride. Once they become comfortable sitting on the seat, pedalling is a cinch. Soon, you and your child will be going on cycling trips together, each on your own bike.

We ship our kids balance bikes online to any location in Australia, and all domestic shipping is free. If you are in the Sydney area, you can expect to receive your order within a day or two. If you live outside the Sydney area, shipping takes a few days longer, but we always try to have the toddler balance bike that you ordered online in your hands no later than seven days after you place your order.

Money Back Guarantee

Ordering a toddler balance bike online presents some challenges. Will the bike be the right size and the right colour? Will all the components arrive? We understand these challenges, which is why we offer a no question asked 90-day return policy. If you do not like the kid's balance bike you ordered from our online shop, we will take it back, no problem. You do not even have to provide us with a reason for your return.

To bring the joy of cycling to your children, order kids balance bikes online from Zoomy Leisure. We have a vast range of colours and styles to match children of any size.