What Are the Benefits of Balance Bikes for Kids and Toddlers in Perth?

As a new parent, you're likely eagerly looking forward to witnessing your children's 'first' moments. For example, you'll never forget the day when your little one first opened their eyes, or when they uttered their first word with a smile on their face. You'll always remember the day they took their first steps, and you'll likely always have memories of them riding a bike for the first time. Many parents can't wait for their children to reach an appropriate age to start learning to ride a bicycle safely, but unfortunately, you might have to wait a few years for that day to come.

Nowadays, however, there is a new way to teach your kids the fundamentals of bike riding when they're as young as two years old, and that's through purchasing balance bikes for toddlers in Perth. Unlike a typical bicycle, balance bikes have no pedals or drivetrain, which is beneficial for children under three-years-old for a broad range of reasons. Plus, kids balance bikes in Perth encourage exercise from a young age, and they can help your toddler learn how to ride a conventional bike faster and younger than previously possible.

Here at Zoomy Leisure, we believe we have the most advanced range of balance bikes in Perth and beyond, and that's because we spent six months researching the best products on the market. Our balance bicycles are up to 1kg lighter than most of our competitor's, which makes a world of difference for kids when you bear in mind that the average three-year-old boy weighs 14kg. We developed our products with safety, practicality, and durability in mind, so you can feel confident that our bikes are the best available.

Why It's Beneficial to Buy a Kids Balance Bike in Perth

If you want your youngster to enjoy bike riding as soon as possible, you ought to buy them a balance bike that will prove to be a useful aid. Here's why:

  • No pedals or drivetrain – Needless to say, you don't want a bike that can turn and fall easily when a child is yet to develop their motor skills and strength. No drivetrain means no pulling to one direction, and a lack of pedals means children only use their feet to stay upright and don't need to rely on any bike components.
  • Young toddlers can't use stabilisers – Young kids usually don't have the strength to pedal, which means even if you wanted them to ride a bicycle with stabilisers, they wouldn't be able to move it. However, provided your child can walk, they can power a balance bike.
  • Learn to ride a conventional bike quickly – As soon as your child is ready and has the strength to pedal, they'll already have the required skills to ride a bicycle without stabilisers or frequent falls.

Learn More about the Toddler Balance Bike in Perth

At Zoomy Leisure, we take just as much pride in the quality of our customer service as we do our products, which is why we encourage you to call our friendly professionals with any questions you may have. We'd be delighted to tell you more about the development and safety of our bikes, so contact us today for more information.