Finding perfect mini scooter for your kids in Brisbane

As a parent, you’ve no doubt heard that there’s a terrible obesity epidemic among children across the globe. Fewer children are spending their days outside playing and are instead spending more time in front of the television or playing video games. The challenge for parents is to find a way to get them outside from an early age while doing something that they see as fun and you see as healthy. Zoomy Leisure has a great solution to this quandary. We offer great scooters for kids in Brisbane and across Australia. They are the perfect toy to get your toddlers outside in the fresh air.

Your toddler can start to use one of our kid's scooters in Brisbane by the time they turn two. We’ve created a small three-wheel kick scooter that’s perfect for the preschooler who is just learning how much fun it is to ride a scooter. We also sell a three-wheel kick mini scooter for Brisbane kids, which comes with adjustable handlebars so that your child doesn’t outgrow their scooter too quickly. We also sell a larger kid’s scooter in Brisbane for older children. The larger model is stronger and faster than our mini scooters, but made with the same safety and durability in mind.

Safety is our first priority for all mini scooters in Brisbane

We know that the first question you have whenever you buy a scooter for a toddler is about safety. It’s our top concern as well. We’ve designed our products to ensure they won’t hurt any child. We stress the importance of safety equipment such as the right shoes and the importance of wearing helmets. You can find articles posted on the Scooter Safety page on our website that talk about these key issues.

Once you buy one of our scooters you will soon see the benefits. Your children will want to be outside because they have such a cool toy. You will be pleased that they are away from the influence of the television and video games.

Our kid’s scooters for the Brisbane area are an easy way for kids to get around. If you want to go for a walk or travel somewhere with the kids and it means that they would be on their feet for extended periods of time our scooters are the ideal solution. They can get around without getting tired while still having fun. Meanwhile, you won’t have to worry about taking your child home early because they are exhausted after a long walk.

A great way to play outside

Our products have a 90-day warranty, and we ship free of charge all over Australia from our location in the Northern Beaches section of Sydney. If you have a birthday coming up or if it’s close to Christmas, our scooters make the perfect present especially for a relative who’s always looking for ideas for gifts. Your kids will love our scooters and the fun features we’ve built into them. They won’t want to stay inside when they know one of our scooters is waiting for them outside.