Encourage Your Children to Be More Active: Order Kids Scooters and Mini Scooters from Sydney’s Zoomy Leisure

Do you feel like your kids aren’t getting enough exercise? You’re not alone. A 2014 report found that Australian children are, in general, among the least active in the world. The report, created in a partnership between several Australian universities, noted that four of every five children between the ages of five and 17 were getting no daily exercise. Instead, kids were spending their time with screens and technology—a problem that has become increasingly pressing as electronic devices have become more commonplace.

If you are looking for a way to encourage your kids to be active, the best strategy might be to give them something fun to do outside, away from all those devices and screens. Zoomy Leisure can help with that goal. We sell scooters for kids in Sydney and throughout Australia. Kids love playing on scooters, whether they are just rolling around in the driveway or riding to a friend’s house down the street. A scooter from Zoomy Leisure will get your son or daughter excited about playing outside again, which will, in turn, push them to be more active daily.

What Makes Zoomy Leisure Scooters Fun for Kids?

There are a lot of kids scooters on the market in Sydney. What sets Zoomy Leisure’s scooters apart from the other products out there? Said another way, why do we think our scooters will help push your kids to adopt more active lifestyles?

First, we have scooters for kids of all ages. Are you shopping for a toddler? Our mini scooters in Sydney are perfect for kids between the ages of two and five. Older, bigger kids will love our maxi scooters, which have three wheels and are safe and fun for children who haven’t developed full balance yet. Kids from five years old and onwards, meanwhile, can graduate to our more daring two-wheel scooters.

Secondly, our scooters are colourful and quirky in ways that your youngsters will love. Each scooter is available in three to five different colours—including pink, blue, yellow, red, black and lime green. Our scooters also feature light up wheels, which illuminate when the wheels are in motion. This feature especially is a huge hit with kids and makes our products especially popular when parents come looking for scooters for kids in Sydney.

Buy a Kids Scooter or Mini Scooter in Sydney to Get Your Kids Off the Couch

It’s true that kids need time to rest, and parking your son or daughter in front of the TV or computer is an attractive option because it means they’re occupied and gives you some time to yourself. However, the fact is that children who get into a habit of sedentary behaviour are at a higher risk of being overweight or obese in their teenage or adult years.

Instil your son or daughter with a lifelong love of physical activity and the outdoors. With a mini scooter or kids scooter from Sydney’s Zoomy Leisure, you’ll be able to give your children a great outdoors and physically-minded alternative to screens and electronic devices. Start browsing our kid's scooters and mini scooters in Sydney today.