Scooter Safety - Simple tips for your kids to follow

Scootering is a healthy activity which most kids love. There is always the risk of falls, but by following some simple safety-related guidelines you can reduce your child’s chances of injuries and ensure their love of scootering will endure for years to come. 

  • Wear a helmet at all times, whether riding outdoors or inside.
  • Knee pads and elbow pads should be considered for very young children or those just learning to ride a scooter.
  • Wear shoes to avoid stubbing toes or scuffing feet. Closed shoes are preferable to sandals for better protection.
  • Make sure shoelaces are tied securely.
  • Wear bright, reflective clothing even during daylight hours.
  • Avoid riding on streets, around cars, or on steep hills. Scooters are designed for use on flat surfaces or gentle slopes.
  • Do not ride at night.
  • Do not ride in wet weather.
  • Scooters are designed for only one rider at a time – no passengers, please!
  • Brake pads can become hot with extended use. Be sure your child knows this and knows not to touch them with bare hands after riding.

    Regularly check the scooter for possible safety issues.


    Make sure the front and back wheels are tightly secured. Loose wheels are a recipe for disaster.


    Make sure the handlebar is securely locked in place. The tabs click into place, locking it securely.


    Regularly inspect the body for cracks or broken parts.  Replace components as necessary