Trampoline Safety

An estimated 8 kids a day are injured on trampolines in Australia making trampolines one of the most reported product-related injuries to children in Australia.

The leading cause of injury is falling from the trampoline. While many of the injuries are at the lower end of the severity scale, some incidents can result in serious injuries and can even be fatal.

Is your trampoline safe?

Follow this checklist to keep kids safe on trampolines:

1. One at a time

Make sure there is only one child on the trampoline.

2. Supervise

Watch children at all times, and take extra care with younger children as they are more prone to serious injury.

3. Safety Padding

Always use safety padding over the springs.  Some lower quality pads don't completely cover the springs.  Be cautious of any gaps because they will only get wider when the kids are jumping on the trampoline. If there are any tears or the foam is falling out, replace the padding immediately

4. Safety Net

Always use a safety net around the trampoline and replace it as soon as there are any tears.  The safety net should securely fasten around the underside of the trampoline, making it very difficult for children's legs to slip through any gaps.

Same goes for the zipper. If you have a young child who you'd like to keep out of the trampoline, use a dual closure system which has a zip and a latch which they'll have a hard time opening.

5. Check condition

Regularly check the:

  • mat and net don’t have holes
  • springs are intact and securely attached at both ends
  • frame is not bent
  • leg braces are locked.

6. Hazard free surrounds

Make sure:

  • the area around the trampoline is free from hazards like fences or garden furniture
  • there is an overhead clearance to avoid objects like clotheslines, trees and wires.