Zoomy Leisure LED Shoe User Guide

Zoomy Leisure LED Shoe User Guide

Your Zoomy Leisure LED Shoes should arrive charged and ready to use but sometimes the battery will arrive flat so it's a good idea to charge your shoes before wearing them.

LED shoes require a little extra love and care compared to standard shoes.  It's OK to wear your Zoomy LED shoes in light rain, but it's important the battery be kept dry.  The battery can be found under the shoe's insoles so don't immerse the shoes in water or wear them for strenuous exercise where sweat is likely to get the shoes completely wet.

Turning on your Zoomy LED Shoes

  • Each shoe has a charger port used to recharge the shoe batteries.  Press the button on the charger port to turn the shoes on. Press the button again and again to cycle through the various LED colours and modes.
  • To turn off the LED, press and hold the button for 2-3 seconds. When you release the button the LEDs will turn off.
Zoomy Shoe Recharge Port
Zoomy Shoe Charge Port 2

Recharging your Zoomy LED Shoes

  • Each shoe has a charging port that can be used to charge the shoe by USB.
  • The supplied cable can be used to charge both shoes at the same time.
  • Plug the cable into the charging port on each shoe carefully to avoid damaging the connector.
  • Plug the other end into a standard USB wall adaptor.
  • The shoes will blink red while charging and will turn solid green when fully charged.
  • A full charge takes about 3 hours and each charge lasts about 6 hours.
Zoomy Shoe Reacharging

Caring for your Zoomy LED Shoes

  • The battery must remain dry to keep the lights working as such do not immerse the shoes in water, do not wash them in the washing machine and do not wear them on days they're likely to get wet.
  • To clean your shoes, wash them with a damp washcloth, mild soap, and warm water.
  • Do not leave your shoes in your car on hot summer days where they're likely to get very hot.  Extreme heat can impact your shoes's batteries and cause them to not light up anymore.

Troubleshooting Shoes that Won't Light Up

If your shoes won't light up, first try charging them for a minimum of 20 minutes.  If they still won't light up. check the battery connections. 

  • Remove the insole.
  • Pry back the battery cover.
  • Pry the battery out.
  • Disconnect and then reconnect the battery.
  • Try Switching Shoes On

If after trying to charge the battery and checking the battery connections the shoes still won't light up, please contact us for additional instructions.

Zoomy Shoe Troubleshooting