Zoomy Scooter Maintenance
and FAQ

Do you offer spare parts?

Yes we offer a wide range of spare parts including handle grips, wheels, bearings, clamps for the adjustable height handlebars, screws etc. If you need something, please contact us. If we have it in most cases, we'll only charge you for postage.

My scooter wheels have stopped lighting up, what do I do?

  • The wheels have in-built LED lights that light when the wheels are in motion. There's a magnet in the wheel assembly that automatically generates the required electricity to make them light-up.
  • If the wheel has stopped lighting up, try taking apart the wheel, remove the bearings and the magnet and give everything a clean. Then put everything back together. These instructions should help:
    • Remove the wheel using an Allen Key:

Remove Scooter Wheel

    • Remove the bearings and magnet. This can be a bit tricky since it's quite a tight fit. We usually use the Allen Key to push the bearing through from the inside:

Remove Wheel bearings

    • Clean the magnet and bearings with a cloth (don't soak them):

Wheel bearings

    • Put everything back together
  • Don't mix up the screws from the right and left wheels as they are designed for either left or right.
  • If the wheel still doesn't light up, contact us and we'll send you a new magnet.

How do I steer my scooter?

  • All our 3-wheel scooters are steered by leaning in the direction you wish to turn. The more you lean, the sharper the turn.
  • Sometimes people ask for handlebars that turn. We believe that for children who are just learning to scooter that lean to steer is much safer than turning handlebars. The lean to steer mechanism is very intuitive and prevents children from turning too sharply which can result in falls.
  • Our 2 wheel scooters that are designed for older kids feature handlebars that turn to steer the front wheel.

How do I fold my scooter?

The Zoomy maxi scooters offer a mechanism that allows the scooter to be folded. Please follow these instructions to fold and unfold your scooter:

  • Grab the collar and slide it upwards.

Fold Scooter

  • While holding the collar upwards, fold the scooter down.

Folding Scooter

  • To unfold the scooter, slide the collar up again and unfold the scooter:

Unfold Scooter

If you're having trouble sliding the collar upwards, you could be missing the screw shown below. If this is the case, contact us for a replacement. In the meantime a screwdriver or something similar can be inserted through the hole allowing you to slide the collar up.

Folding Scooter

How do I adjust the height of my scooter?

The Zoomy Maxi scooter height can be adjusted by firstly loosening the quick release clamp and then by pushing in the button on the back of the shaft as shown:

Adjust HeightAdjust Height

Adjust tHeight

The button to adjust the scooter height is missing.

The button on handlebar shaft is used to lock the handlebars in place. On rare occasions it falls out of place. If this happens you will have to remove the handlebars and put it back in place.

Fix Button

To remove the handlebars, first loosen the quick release clamp and then loosen the screw on the back of the quick release clamp (circled in red). The handlebars should then slide out from the base.

Remove Handlebars

The button should be protruding from the shaft as shown:


If it has worked itself loose, remove the button and the spring, then put them back together and insert them back into the shaft as shown.




Insert the shaft back into the handlebars, slide it to the desired height, then tighten the screw and quick release clamp.


You can also refer this YouTube video for further instructions.

The clamp to adjust the handlebars has come apart, how do I put it back together?

The following photos show all the parts for the quick release clamp. Reassemble the clamp as shown. If any parts are missing, contact us for spares.

Height AdjustmentHeight Adjustment

The hand grips keep sliding off, how can I get them to stay on?

There are several techniques used to get the hand grips to stay in place. Here's some tips we've adopted from push bike riders:

  • Glue them on. Take the grip off, spread a bit of glue on the handlebars and then slide the grip back on. You can use any kind of glue depending on how strong you want the grip to hold.
  • Use hairspray. Take the grip off, spray the inside with hairspray and then quickly place the grip back on. After a few minutes the grip should be stuck on permanently.  Here's a link to a video showing this.

When unfolding my commuter scooter it doesn't want to stay open

If you can't get the scooter to lock open, try unfolding the scooter quickly with a bit of force. The locking mechanism is spring activated and needs to snap in place, so a bit of force is required.

One technique to use is to pick up the folded scooter by the handlebars, pull the locking lever and let the base of the scooter swing out using gravity. This is usually all you need to get it to lock in the open position.

Here's a video that demonstrates this.