Zoomy Push Trike FAQ

Zoomy Push Trike Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer spare parts?

  • Yes we offer a wide range of spare parts. If you need something, please contact us.  If we have it in most cases, we'll only charge you for postage.

When Assembling my trike I've put the handlebars on backwards and can't get them back off.

  • In this case, the button that locks the handlebars in place has most likely locked in place.  To unlock it follow these steps.
  1. Take the front wheel off and turn the trike over so you can see into the underside of the tube with the handlebars

Trike Repair 1

2. Fashion a wire hook using a coat hanger or piece of wire as shown

Wire hook

3. Use the hook to release the button. Reach into where the button is and pull the steel tab acting as a spring and holding the button in place. Use the button that holds the wheel in place as a guide.

Trike Help 2


4. Once the button is released, the handlebar can be released and then reassembled the correct way

Trike Button


Have other Questions?  Don't hesitate to contact us.